Moon Graffiti was a great audio creation! The creator did a great job using audio techniques to make the story come to live. At parts, I actually felt like I was in the story.

Many of the sounds that they used were layered. This technique made the audio seem very realistic and believable. The background music that was added part way through gave a very eerie and suspenseful feel to the story. Again, layering that music in the background really helped to paint a picture. At first I didn’t notice the music and had to rewind to see where it started. It was added at just the right time.

The shutter of the camera taking pictures and the rustle of the astronauts putting their helmets on added detail to the story. These sound and audio techniques used throughout really made it easy for the listener to “see” and imagine what was happening. This must have been very difficult to do since they are using only audio, and no visuals, to tell a story.

I enjoyed listening to this podcast. I also was able to get ideas for how to create my own audio story in the future.

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