I have no experience with audio so this week has me a bit nervous. The reading was very intimidating and I am still trying to grasp all of the different aspects that go into creating audio. I am especially nervous for having to use audio without video to tell a story (which I’m sure is coming…I mean this is digital STORYTELLING class).

The two videos by Jad Abumrad helped me to feel a bit more confident. He sounds very relaxed which also made me feel relaxed and also proves how important audio is! The other week my daily create was the change the music in a movie scene to depict a different feeling. That assignment gave me a bit of confidence going into this week. I will probably be sticking to very original and typical sounds as I start out but hope to be able to start laying audio like the reading stated to make my work really pull people in

Jad talked about how radio is a return to ancient storytelling, but I disagree. I feel like radio isn’t very prominent in today’s world. People have music downloaded on their phones and use spotify to stream music. Bluetooth in cars has made it possible for people to listen to whatever they want and don’t have to listen to radio, where there are usually commercials and ads. When people want to hear talk shows I think they turn to podcasts.

I have recently started to listen to podcasts, where audio is the main feature. Sound effects are used in podcasts very often to really emphasize points. I’m not sure if we will be doing anything similar, but most of my inspiration will probably come from the podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me. If you haven’t heard of it you should check it out!

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