The Abandoned America sight has a huge gallery of photos that give a sense of abandonment, loss, and desolation. These photos give this sense to those who view them because the photographers utilized some of the tips that I talked about in my last blog post.

These photos are so successful in the feeling that they convey which proves that the tips really do help to enhance and better photo skills!

For example:

In this photo the photographer used many tips to make the image nice to view and to give the sense of abandonment. They use the tip “Create Depth” by using a wide angle lens which also allowed them to use the tip “Get Balanced” to capture all of the lines that exist in the space. They used the tip “Look to the Light” to show shadows, and direction. One side is lighter than the other and adds an element on off-balance to the fairly symmetrical look of the location.

This was one of my favorite images that I found on the website because of the symmetry but also off-balance feel that the photographer was able to capture. This off-balance adds to the image to show just how desolate the place really is.

Many other photos on side utilized different tips to get that same message across. However, I found that “Look to the Light” was the tip used the most. Many of the photo’s had shadows and dark sides, leading me to think that light is especially important when trying to convey a mood through a photograph. In this case, the sense of abandonment, loss, and desolation are linked to darkness and shadows in the photo.

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