This assignment was stressful! When given a time limit and instructions to “capture as many of the following photos as you can” I go into rush mode! There were sooo many different ideas and items to photograph and I did not get to all of them. I found myself taking probably too much time than I really needed for a lot of the photo ideas, but I wanted to work on the photography tips that I had posted about in the past. Particularly to the tip “Pay Attention to the Moment.” So I didn’t get very many of the photo ideas done, but I am proud of the ones I did complete!

Here are the photo’s I took and you can also find them on my Instagram but without as much detail.

I am in the middle of moving so half of my stuff is in one place and the other half still in boxes in my new place. So I decided to do this photo-challenge outside! This turned out to be great because nature photo’s always turn out looking nice and I felt like I couldn’t really mess it up too bad.

Photo Dominated by a Single Color


The first photo idea was relatively easy to capture since I was outside surrounded by lots of green. It was actually more challenging to make sure the whole picture wasn’t all green, so I added the pink flower into the shot.





Photo of an Interesting Shadow


The next photo idea was also easy to capture. There was a large platform set up in our driveway that casted a very distinct shadow onto the gravel.






Photo at and Unusual Angle


This photo is one of my favorites! This is the roof over the stairs that lead up to our front door. The roof is very angular and I thought it would look even more interesting with a slightly sideways and upwards angle on it.










Photo that Shows a Repeating Pattern


A repeating pattern was actually very difficult to find in the outdoors. The leaves are all similar shapes but not in a pattern, gravel is not a repeating pattern either. I finally realized that the siding on the house is very repetitive, but it is almost embarrassing how long it took me to notice.





Photo where you Move the Camera


I thought I was very clever with the next photo. I decided to take the photo of a car while moving in an attempt to make it look like the car is moving! Once I saw the photo I noticed that since the background is also blurry it is very obvious that the camera was the item moving and not the car. But the thought was there and I still think the photo looks cool.




Photo that is Looking Through a Frame


The last photo is my number one favorite photo. I really like the contrast of something being in the foreground and way in the background. This photo is looking through the legs of the platform that was in the driveway to see the potted plants, forest, and part of the driveway.





I took some other pictures as well that I have posted on my Instagram! The other pictures are not the best so I didn’t think they were worth mentioning in this post, but still give them a like!


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