I really enjoy photography and I appreciate the art, but I am not very good at it myself. This is mostly because I do not take many pictures so I have very little experience with photography. Since I am so interested in it though, I am excited to learn how to be a better photographer.

For this assignment we are tasked to watch a video and read an article, both of which give us tips for better photography. I first red the article and then watched the video which I recommend others do as well. The article is a short blurb listed different tips with a summary about each one. The video is more in depth and discusses even more possible ways to improve within specific tips.

I have embedded the video here so you also can learn how to improve on your own picture taking skills!

In this blog post I am not going to go over all of the tips, instead I will focus on the 3 that I think I need to work on the most.

The first tip that I think I need to work on is “Pay attention to moment.” Today’s society is so fast paced that I often miss great opportunities for fantastic photos. There are so many distractions that we are faced with everyday so it is important to slow down and realize the moments that could create great pictures.

Next, I need to work on the tip “Use the best lens.” Even though the only camera I have is the one in my phone, I do need to learn how to use it to my advantage. In the video, the host said it is important to know what your lens is capable of. I think I need to start exploring what photos my phone camera does well and what it doesn’t do well. That way I can learn how to take advantage of my lens.

The last tip I need to work on is “Exposure to Aesthetics.” This, again, is about learning how my camera works and then using it to make an interesting picture. This requires lots of creativity to know exactly what settings will enhance your photo in the way you want. It also is important to make sure what you apply to your photo doesn’t take away from the image and message that you are trying to convey. I am especially afraid that once I figure out all the cool features available, I will go overboard and my photos will turn out worse.

Let me know what you tips you are going to work on!

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