I love my pets! I currently live with 3 fur babies so this Visual Assignment was super easy to do! The hardest part was picking which photos to put in my collage! I posted my collage to Instagram of course so go give my pets a like! View this post on Instagram Love for my […]

Word Illustration

Did you know that the first noun on the tenth page of my Business Law textbook is “clock”? This daily create┬áinstructed me to illustrate a specific word from the nearest book. When I picked up my Business Law textbook from next to me I thought this assignment would be impossible and I would have to […]

Sister Wars

My very first Assignment Bank photo! This Assignment Bank has TONS of creative ideas for storytelling with photos. The one I chose instructed me to recreate a famous movie scene. The movie scene I decided to recreate is from Star Wars where Luke is fighting Darth Vader. This a famous scene from the Star Wars […]

Rush Rush Rush

This assignment was stressful! When given a time limit and instructions to “capture as many of the following photos as you can” I go into rush mode! There were sooo many different ideas and items to photograph and I did not get to all of them. I found myself taking probably too much time than […]

Tips to the Test

The Abandoned America sight has a huge gallery of photos that give a sense of abandonment, loss, and desolation. These photos give this sense to those who view them because the photographers utilized some of the tips that I talked about in my last blog post. These photos are so successful in the feeling that […]

Photography and Me

I really enjoy photography and I appreciate the art, but I am not very good at it myself. This is mostly because I do not take many pictures so I have very little experience with photography. Since I am so interested in it though, I am excited to learn how to be a better photographer. […]

The Ball is Rolling

These past 3 days I have accomplished a lot! I started off creating a couple social media sites. My Instagram and Twitter are filling up and starting to look both professional and fun! I was able to introduce myself on my website using Instagram and to my peers on Slack. View this post on Instagram […]

How do you answer?

What type of story do you like? I’ve encountered this question throughout my life. My dad is an Adventure/Sci-fi/Fantasy kind of guy. My mom likes mysteries and religious/biography. My sister went through her pre-teen years with multiple obsessions including Harry Potter, Warriors, Anime, and now writes her own short stories. To further her own writing […]