Successful Design Play

In this talk, Paula looks back on her career and discusses the idea of “serious play”. It starts off a little slow, but starts to really kick in around the 3 minute mark. Scher recognizes that often the best work comes from serious play. The unfortunate thing is that when we create good work from serious […]

Design on the Daily

These past few days I have learned that elements of design are everywhere! Without even realizing it we see so many different things that have been designed. Even our own homes had to go through a design process and so many design elements had to be implemented before you even moved in. And yet our […]

What The Notebook Wants

Today’s daily create allowed me to change the mood of a movie scene by changing the music! I think it came out great and it was fairly simple to do! I wanted to make sure that the music I used would contradict the movie scene a lot so I first thought of a serious movie. […]

This is Where I Live!

Today’s daily create prompted me to draw a picture of where I live! I decided to draw mine using paint (throwback I know) on the computer. I did this because 1) I’m in the middle of moving and don’t know which box my art supplies are in and 2) I am waaaaaaaay better at using […]

My Problem with Time Travel

I have always hated time travel books and movies. Changing even one small thing in our pasts can have a huge snowball effect. It is unrealistic to think that a character can go back in time and hang around without altering the future. The worst is when a character goes back in time to fix […]

Learning about Design

Canva is website that makes it easy to design presentations, graphics, and more. They have tutorials to help you to understand how their website works while also helping to improve your design skills! It is similar to the “Tips for better photography” but with design instead! I was instructed to choose 7 tutorials to complete […]

My Life in Photos

This week we focused improving photography skills and visual storytelling. These two topic fit very well together since I was able to utilize tips for better photography when working on creating a story through visuals. Because this theme I took A LOT of photos this week. My favorite assignment this week was the 5 frame […]

I’m a Star!

Today’s daily create is actually something I already am! Sort of. The daily create prompted me to discuss what star I would be, if I were a star. And aside from the obvious “of course I’m a star, I’m awesome,” I actually do have a star named after me. As you all know, I enjoy […]

A BERRY Sad Story

This Visual Assignment tasked me with creating a story using only 5 frames. I decided to show the sad story of two strawberries as they become breakfast. This assignment was really fun and definitely pushed my creativity. To create a story using just 5 frames is a difficult thing to do. The story must be […]

You Should Love Koalas

This Visual Assignment asked me to talk about my favorite photo, so here it is! View this post on Instagram My favirite photo! #ds106 A post shared by Amanda (@dsamanda2) on Jun 28, 2018 at 9:47am PDT   This photo is a stock photo that was included on my very first laptop. Ever since then, […]