What if Booth was Stopped?

Last week we discussed what historical event we would change if we could. I wrote a whole post about this topic and decided that I would have never had the events of 9/11 happen. In that post, I also mentioned that the first historical event that came to mind was the assassination of Lincoln. The […]

Hipster Whiskey

Today’s daily create was to create an add/business card for a randomized “hipster buisiness.” I got my randomized name and logo which to me looked like some kind of alcohol name. I decided to turn it into a distillery company, because hipsters like breweries and wineries and distilleries… things like that right? I decided to […]

Headed to Work on a Rainy Day

The Sound Effects audio assignment was pretty difficult! This is the first assignment that I tackled this week so I had a hard time when using Audacity. It was my first time manipulating audio but I think I did a good job! I started this assignment by thinking about what kind of story I wanted […]


Today’s daily create was to make a fake conversation between characters! I made one between Princess Peach and Mario! The running joke for the Mario games is that Princess Peach is always getting kidnapped. The text conversation that I made between them shows Mario getting a bit annoyed with Peach always being kidnapped. Kinda silly! […]


The beginning of this week has me nervous for the rest of the week. It started out pretty similar with two daily creates. I did mine on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday’s was my favorite although I wish I had been more creative with a visual for it. I was tasked with creating a wish list […]

Missing My Fam

Today’s daily create¬†asked who I would walk 1000 miles for? My family! I have family that lives in Germany and we don’t get to see them very often. They are a “little” farther away than 1000 miles but I miss them so much and they are always so fun to see! They are family so […]

I Can See It in My Mind

Moon Graffiti was a great audio creation! The creator did a great job using audio techniques to make the story come to live. At parts, I actually felt like I was in the story. Many of the sounds that they used were layered. This technique made the audio seem very realistic and believable. The background […]

Can You Hear Me?

I have no experience with audio so this week has me a bit nervous. The reading was very intimidating and I am still trying to grasp all of the different aspects that go into creating audio. I am especially nervous for having to use audio without video to tell a story (which I’m sure is […]

What Would Harry Want?

Today’s Daily Create asked what a famous person would have on their wish list! Like many of the other daily creates I have done, I took on twist on the prompt. I created a wish list for a famous book character: Harry Potter. Check it out!

It’s All by Design

Design is everywhere and after these past few days I can’t stop seeing design elements all around. It’s like when you are shopping for a certain car and you start noticing that car on the streets all the time. I can’t un-see all of the designs around me! Although it is annoying, it’s also interesting! […]