The beginning of this week has me nervous for the rest of the week. It started out pretty similar with two daily creates. I did mine on Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday’s was my favorite although I wish I had been more creative with a visual for it. I was tasked with creating a wish list for a famous person. I chose to use a famous character: Harry Potter. I did this because I do not follow celebrities and Hollywood so while I recognize names I do not really know what they would put on wish list. I am, however, very familiar with the Harry Potter series. I wrote his wish list using the post it note app on my computer. I usually use this app for my own list making so it seemed natural to use it for a Harry Potter wish list. But looking back I wish I had written it down in cursive and maybe photographed it with a quill or fancy pen laying next to it. Goes back to that first week of this class where I said I needed to slow down and really think about my design choices. Still working on it.

The daily create for Monday asked the question “Who would you walk 1000 miles for?” The first thing that came to mind was my family. Family is really important to me so I would do anything for my family. The picture that I made for this daily create was made super easily in paint. I just found images of the US country with the flag on it and of Germany with their flag on it. I then just made some dotted lines and hearts! Super simple but I think it shows my message.

Then the scary part of the week started. I have no experience with audio or audio manipulation so when I started reading audio techniques I felt pretty lost. While writing my reflection post LINK about the article and videos we were tasked to watch, I was so unsure of what to do when I get to an actual audio creation assignment. I actually dreaded it.

However, most of my nervousness went away when I listened to “Moon Graffiti.” This audio story was so engaging. I listened to it while driving to work Tuesday morning and it made my usually frustrating bumper to bumper commute so much nicer. I have recently started listening to podcasts to pass that traffic time but now I want to look into more audio storytelling. An audio book won’t even cut it anymore, I want those awesome sound effects!

I am still nervous for more audio assignments, but I’m ready to tackle them!

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