For this 5 star video assignment I wast to create a short how to video. As I mentioned previously, I have been on a trip for the past few days, so recording videos and editing them has been tough. I decided to have my boyfriend (Jeff, who I’m on the trip with) help me with […]

Movies on Vacation?

The last part of this week I was on vacation with my boyfriend! We are pretty active people so for our vacation we went to Shenandoah National Park to hike trails, visit nearby cities, and drive along Skyline Drive. It was an amazing trip, but there was not a lot of time for creating and […]

My Life Today

The first video assignment that I chose to complete was a 5 star assignment to create a movie that showed snips of my day. I was then to put them together so that if someone watched it they would be able to see what I did that day! These past 4 days I have been […]

Let’s Watch

This week in Digital Storytelling is movie week! Which is a great excuse to stay in my PJ’s and eat popcorn all week! I started off the week by learning how to read a movie. I found this reading really interesting and since I love watching movies I actually think I will use these tips […]

Horror Nursery

Like most of us, I sang nursery rhymes at an early age. Their easy language and catchy hooks get lodged in your brain instantly. But once you start to really listen to the words/lyrics you notice that nursery rhymes are really, really, strange….and sometimes downright creepy. The question of the week for week 4 is:¬†What […]

Dream Vaca

Today’s daily create asked me where I have always wanted to visit! I have been bugging my boyfriend for years to take me to Niagara Falls! Here is the GoogleMaps street view of the falls. Wish I was there!

Moving Picture Reading

It’s movie week! And we are starting out by learning how to read a movie as instructed by the great critic Robert Ebert. His article on reading a movie talked about pausing and looking a frames individually while watching. The first thing I thought of was being a kid and pausing a movie, then bursting […]

Creepy Story

For the extra design work I decided to do another storytime audio story. I used sound effects and music to bring the story to life. In this assignment I wanted it to sound like a story being told by me. I chose to do a sort of creepy story so that I could use some […]

Can’t Speak

This week was all about audio! I started this week off by tackling the Sound Effect Story assignment. This assignment was very overwhelming at first because I was so unfamiliar with how to use Audacity. This was the the assignment that took me the longest to accomplish, but it’s also the one that I am […]